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Toothiana by HellenaS

Я бы написала на русском, но почему-то счетчик не считает русские слова:(
So I've given you 4 stars for vision, because the colors were chosen wisely, one can clearly understand what you were aiming for and no doubt there's some pretty Toothy ;)
3 stars for originality because you's fan art, so i can't really say it's very original.
3 stars for technique because there are obviously some issues with it. Mostly, it's the choice of paper (or canvas, whatever it is). It's too rought for the pencil. I can really see the grind and it's not a good effect. Also, because of unappropriate paper you couldn't bring pecils to draw their best. If you paper was softer, the colors would be brighter and bolder and mixed better.
4 stars for impact because after all, I really like the picture and find it pretty. With some technical improvement it'll shine!
So good job and wish you inspiration and progress.:hug:
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HellenaS Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Спасибо огромное)
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